Skate Attack

Skate Attack

Format: Sony PS2

PAL Only

PEGI : 3+

£ 9.99

Skate Attack takes the very best from the great Tony Hawk series adds the innovative style from Jet Set Radio Future and then mixes in its own special ingredients to make the coolest, most creative and downright fun skateboarding game seen on any platform.

As you enter this futuristic city you become aware that "Virus" (a crazy casino mascot) has escaped from its advertising board and kidnapped one of your skateboarding buddies. Join the other skaters and work together to free your fellow skater.

It's a tough assignment but you've got the moves and the weapons you need. With over 30 single lip, grind, kick, manual and grind tricks and any number of combinations you can deliver the moves needed to win the day. If this isn't enough you can laser-tag onto the flying robotic Drones that populate the city and take them for a ride or drive them into your enemies for total destruction.

Whatever it takes – master your board and win the freedom of the city for all skaters!

  • Skate Attack features 6 playable skater characters, each with different skills.

  • Many environments to skate in from Old Downtown City Streets, Skate Arena's, Factory, Casino, and Rooftops.

  • Comprehensive tutorial guides players through a variety of moves and tricks.

  • Every trick in the book from Lip Tricks, Manuals, Kicks, Grabs, Grinds and Special Tricks.

  • Superb Multiplayer modes allows up to 4 players to compete simultaneously across many different disciplines.