Pacific Warriors II: Dogfight

Pacific Warriors II: Dogfight

Format: Sony PS2

PAL Only

PEGI : 3+

£ 9.99

Pacific Warriors II puts you in the seat of a fighter plane during the Pacific conflict between the Americans and the Japanese during World War II. The focus is on action, delivering an adrenaline packed shoot-em-up experience as you roar through the skies to take out your next target.

Choose your side - American or Japanese - and follow the historically based time flow of gameplay through 50 missions.

Pacific Warriors II makes for deadly serious dogfight action.

  • Choose from an array of historical planes including Hellcat, Dauntless and Zero.

  • Enemies include Fighter aircraft, bombers, AA guns, ships, gunboats, tanks and many more.

  • Perform take-offs and landings from your aircraft carrier.

  • Realistic weapons include machine guns, bombs, rockets and torpedoes. Purchase weapon upgrades with earned points.