Eternal Quest

Eternal Quest

Format: Sony PS2

PAL Only

PEGI : 12+

£ 9.99

Eternal Quest is a lavish and engaging PlayStation 2 title that combines all the vital elements of the third person adventure genre into one perfectly formed product.

There is stunning action, glorious combat, a host of magic spells to use and abuse and hordes of enemies to meet and massacre.

There is, of course, a brave and battle weary hero to guide to the ultimate prize of peace - and that's you!

  • Story mode features a huge 50 gameplay environments each with different enemies to tackle and defeat.

  • An immersive storyline unfurls in front of you as you progress through the story mode.

  • Free mode features a random level generator which creates new levels each and every time you play the game which greatly increases reply value.

  • Free mode is also infinite. Every time you finish the level a new one is presented to you - it really is an Eternal Quest.

  • Over a hundred magic spells and artifacts to win and use.