Skate Park City (PSN)

Skate Park City

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Format: Sony PSN

PEGI : 3

Available on PSN Store

Skate Park City draws on the very best elements of the great Tony Hawk and Jet Set Radio series fused with its own unique ingredients to make it the coolest, most creative and downright fun skateboarding game seen on any platform. Available on the Sony PSP you can play it whenever and wherever you want– go skating on the train, in a plane and even create your very own skate park in the city!

It’s a tough assignment but you’ve got the moves and the weapons you need. With over 30 lip, kick, manual and grind tricks and any number of combinations you can deliver the moves needed to win the day. Whatever it takes – master your board and win the freedom of the city for all skaters!

  • Skate Park City features six sick skaters, each with their own unique skill set.

  • Superb online / peer-to-peer multiplayer modes allow you to show off your tricks and compete against friends.

  • Massive free roaming gaming environments including downtown city streets, skate parks, a disused factory, a casino and treacherous high rise rooftops.

  • Comprehensive tutorials guide players through a variety of moves and tricks.

  • Every trick in the book - lip tricks, manuals, kicks, grabs, grinds and awesome specials.