Ultimate Mind Games

Ultimate Mind Games

Format: Sony PS2

PAL Only

PEGI : 3+

£ 9.99

You don't have to be a genius to recognize that Ultimate Mind Games is outstanding value for money.

Featuring an incredible array of over 15 brain testers including such favorites as Chess, Backgammon and Draughts, Ultimate Mind Games offers weeks of gameplay for every member of the family whatever their age, sex or level of gaming ability.

What's more Ultimate Mind Games not only allows you to pick and choose which game to play but also comes complete with an exciting story mode where you go head to head with a variety of computer controlled opponents in numerous locations around the globe. The rewards are great with mini games to unlock as you gain victory!

  • 15 hugely varied and enjoyable strategy games to master.

  • Each has difficulty settings to match your own ability.

  • Play against a computer controlled opponent or play multiplayer against a friend.

  • Victory against the computer can earn you bonuses and unlock bonus games.

  • Story mode gives you the chance to pit your wits against the computer on a world-tour of board gaming!

  • Free play mode lets you choose to play any of the 15 main games

  • The 15 games in Ultimate Mind Games are -
    Chess / Draughts / Backgammon / Go / Four-In-A-Row / Capture The Flag / Pairs / Fan Tan / Domination / Kalah / Crystals / Seven Bridge / Chinese Checkers / Leap Frog / Page One