Daemon Summoner

Daemon Summoner

Format: Sony PS2

PAL Only

PEGI : 16+

£ 9.99

1888, Victorian England

With his infant son brutally murdered, and wife Emily reborn as a Vampire, James Farrington-Higgs has himself become a creature of the darkness. Now he must strike back against the evil forces, desperately prowling the streets of London in search of his vampire bride. His journey will uncover a horrific conspiracy as he battles to save his wife and prevent the completion of a demonic ritual held deep within the catacombs of an ancient monastery.

  • Fight through hordes of monsters including Imps, Ghouls, Werewolves, Ghosts, Vampires, and Demons.

  • Choose your weapons and ammunition carefully to defeat each enemy.

  • Explore many atmospheric and detailed locations featuring the streets of Whitechapel, a haunted lunatic asylum, ancient catacombs and much more.

  • Unravel the compelling and mysterious story-line, and discover the truth behind Emily's disappearance.