Air Ranger Rescue Helicopter

Air Ranger Rescue Helicopter

Format: Sony PS2

PAL Only

PEGI : 3+

£ 9.99

An exciting challenge for all budding aviators, Air Ranger Rescue Helicopter puts you in the role of Kane, a dedicated rescue pilot. Four enormous stages and eight types of rescue are on offer as you - and your brave colleagues, Bob, Matilda and Ivan - try to avert disaster and save the day. From evacuating runaway trains to extinguishing an inferno from the air, you will be stretched to your limit in this exciting helicopter sim.

  • A huge variety of missions across vast environments. Varied weather conditions add their own challenge.

  • The in-depth Lecture and Lesson modes give you the chance to learn everything about the helicopters under your control.

  • Communications between your team members during gameplay keep you informed of the latest developments in each mission.

  • Great graphics and camera views add to the atmosphere.

  • Find all the star-coins to unlock great hidden features.