Tank Battles

Tank Battles

Format: Nintendo DS

PEGI : 12+

£ 19.99

The fate of the free world is in your hands. A rogue state has declared war on a peaceful nation and their army cannot resist the hordes of invading troops. It is decided that you will be sent in to liberate the nation and restore peace to the region.

The challenge is immense - the enemy forces are numerous whereas you have a mere troop of tanks at your disposal. You also have your pick from 30 of the finest tanks in the world – and some fantastic futuristic upgrades that can be purchased and added to your tanks as you progress.

Tank Battles is a fresh and innovative game exclusive to the Nintendo DS. It challenges the gamers brain and their brawn and rewards them with a hugely enjoyable gaming experience.

  • 20 single player missions with varied objectives: reach destination within time limit, destroy all enemies, escort friendly units, secure new areas and destroy boss unit.

  • Story, trial and multiplayer game modes with up to 4 players.

  • Huge variety of tanks including historical, modern and futuristic models. Each has their own statistics and weaponry making them ideal for different scenarios.

  • Intuitive control and display system using the DS’s unique functionality. Stylus control to command friendly troops and co-ordinate battle tactics.

  • Great 3D graphics brings the combat to life.

  • Responsive decision making: the enemy reacts to your movements and every time you play the game is different adding huge replay value.