Heracles: Battle With The Gods (DS)

Heracles: Battle With The Gods

Format: Nintendo DS

PEGI : 7+

£ 19.99

Join the greatest of all the Greek heroes, Heracles, on an amazing adventure to rescue his best friend Pegasus from the clutches of Poseidon the evil God of the sea. Success in this fantastical quest will earn Heracles the favour of the Gods and end his banishment from Mount Olympus.

Heracles' trials continue in this epic journey across the magical lands of ancient Greece. With many foes to defeat and treacherous landscapes to navigate, Heracles will require all his legendary superhuman strength, stamina and agility to deliver Pegasus from his evil captor.

  • 30 immense levels of non-stop action – including hidden bonus levels.

  • Each level contains treasures and magical delights to find, earn and use.

  • Numerous enemies taken straight from the realm of myth and legend; Medusa, Cerberus, the Minotaur, the Centaur and many others.

  • Guide Heracles through great trials of mental and physical strength in varied gaming environments including slippery ice, burning cliff ledges, traps, bouncy platforms and crumbling rocks.

  • Intuitive DS control helps Heracles build and attack on the move.

  • Control weather effects by blowing into your DS microphone.

  • Classic platforming fun for all ages.