Use brains over brawn in a fight for survival in Midas’ forthcoming First Person Shooter, Skyscraper, released on the 29th August. This epic shooter is being unleashed on PC-CD Rom and Playstation®2 formats.

Chemical Researcher, Chris Wilson, has been left with a seemingly impossible task ahead of him: Terrorists have seized control of his employers ‘Tigra Corpa Group’ office block and have taken his colleagues and girlfriend hostage. Chris must use all his expert knowledge to create explosive devices using chemicals found in the labs, take back control of the building, and save his girlfriend.

You’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, with all the odds stacked against you. Now it’s time to take a stand and become a hero!

Marketing Account Manager, Adrian Clews, comments: “Skyscraper is a terrific mix of all-out action and mental challenges. We are proud to be releasing such a high quality title at an affordable price, particularly in the current economic climate”.