Braintree – February, 2009 – Midas have announced that the next two releases in their outstanding Clever Kids gaming and educational range are Clever Kids: Pet Store and Clever Kids: Creepy Crawlies. Due to hit stores in June 2009 the new titles will be available on Nintendo DS™, Nintendo Wii™ and PC CD-ROM.

The Clever Kids range continues to deliver fun and educational games through a variety of mediums including touch, sight and sound. At every turn Clever Kids informs, entertains, educates and rewards the player.

New addition Clever Kids: Pet Shop opens the doors to the wonderful world of household pets. There are a range of fun games and activities available including ‘Target Range’, ‘Sokoban’, ‘Pet Store Cry’ and sliding puzzles. As in all Clever Kids titles there is also a huge quiz to test the player’s knowledge on hundreds of cute and cuddly animal facts.

Clever Kids: Creepy Crawlies explorers the fascinating world of insects. Players can identify microscopic creatures in ‘Find the Insect’, recreate arachnids in ‘Painting’ and match butterflies and moths in the ‘Pairs’ game. All this is packed into several fun and educational mini-games that test and develop players logical reasoning, memory functions and mental dexterity.

Marketing Account Manager, Adrian Clews comments “The Clever Kids games have been hugely successfully and remain the only educational titles targeted at children on the Nintendo DS and Wii formats. The core focus of fun whiles learning has been implemented in the two new titles and we’re confident the exciting new themes will capture the imagination of our young target market “

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