Braintree – February, 2009 – Following the pan-European success of “The Road to Vegas” on Nintendo DS in 2008 Midas has announced that is has struck a second deal with UK developer Laughing Jackal.

The new title “The Big Deal”, also an exclusive for Nintendo DS, will feature ten of the most popular card-based gambling titles including Texas Hold ‘em, Black Jack and Baccarat.

With multiple difficulty settings, up to 8 player multiplayer options and testing tournaments “The Big Deal” looks set to be acclaimed as the definitive card game compilation on the format when it is released in May 2009.

Head of Sales for Midas, Sam Collins explained “The Road to Vegas showed us that there is a real demand for high quality gambling game content on the Nintendo DS. The team at Laughing Jackal delivered the right product to us and I am sure we will have a similar success with The Big Deal.”

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