We're happy to bring some great news to all you beat-em-up and JRPG fans out there - and just in time for the Christmas holidays too. Idea Factory's awesome 2D brawler, Spectral vs. Generation is coming to the PSP PSN Store on 22nd December 2010!

For those of you not in the know, Spectral vs. Generation is an excellent 2D beat-em-up featuring characters from the cult Japanese Spectral Force and Generation of Chaos series. The game features 10 unique fighters to master, powerful special moves, a comprehensive combo system and extra secret characters to unlock. Topping things off is a brutal but brilliant Adhoc multiplayer 'Vs Mode', which lets you challenge a friend to a fight to the finish!

So, buck the trend in the season of goodwill and break some faces with one of the best 2D fighting games on PSP.

Merry Christmas everyone!